7/20/2018 7:44:17 AM

If OPG construction contracts were tendered openly and fairly the Bruce and Darlington nuclear refurbishment projects could be as much as 5.2 billion dollars lower. The report put out by Cardus highlights restricted bidding and says it's not in the public interest. Program Director for Working Economics at Cardus Brian Dijkena says reducing the number of bidders drives up the cost drastically.

    Dijkena adds that the new PC government has campaigned on a promise to reduce the cost of hydro in the province so it will be interesting to see if they open up the market.

    Dijkena says the more people bidding towards certain contracts the cheaper they will be and the better the ideas are.

    Dijkena's report titled 'Skimming Off the Top' goes on to say fair and open bidding for tendered contracts could save the province billions.    

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