4/11/2018 1:10:04 PM

Saugeen Shores wants to bring new businesses to the community.
Manager of Strategic Initiatives for Saugeen Shores, Jessica Linthorne, tells us what the Business to Bruce team is doing to help.

At their most recent council meeting, Saugeen Shores council approved new themes for Southampton and Port Elgin.
Southampton's theme is ''Embrace Your Creativity'' and Port Elgin's theme is ''Energizing Innovation''.
The focus in Southampton will be on culture and creative class businesses; slightly older targets; makers, cultural artists etc.
The focus in Port Elgin will be on innovation (in business, in retail, in technology and energy). Port Elgin will be the Innovators.
Saugeen Shores as a whole will utilize the theme ''Live Creatively''
You can view the toolkits for both communities to learn more. Find them on

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