9/13/2017 12:23:24 PM

Bruce Power has shut down Unit 6 for maintenance and inspection. This will be the final planned outage before the four-year Major Component Replacement aimed at refurbishing and extending the life of the unit.

Unit 6 is the first Bruce Power unit scheduled for Major Component Replacement starting in 2020.

Approximately 14,000 tasks, many of which will help extend the life of the unit, will be completed with a total investment of more than a $100 million. Unit 6 will return to service in the fourth quarter of 2017 in time to meet Ontario's high winter demand.

Workers will also remove 24 Cobalt adjuster rods and the Cobalt-60 will be used in sterilization of medical devices to prevent infection and other vital processes throughout the world. The rods will be replaced with four of them containing a different style of cobalt pellet known as High Specific Activity Cobalt which will support lifesaving gamma knife surgery for cancer patients when it is harvested in two years.


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